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[Announcement, April 07 2016]

As some of you may have noticed already, our game has been pulled from Steam. We're in pieces about the current situation, and are attempting to get in touch with Steam to clarify the issue. Until we get a response, Evergrow will likely be unavailable on Steam indefinitely. We'll get back to you all as soon as new information comes to light.

In the meantime, we're doubling down on efforts to have Evergrow available on other distribution platforms. The iOS version is currently awaiting approval, while a full version for itch.io is being prepared. While we have no fixed dates available yet, expect Evergrow to be available on several these platforms very soon.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has all caused and we promise to discuss the matter in further detail in the near future. We thank you for your patience and support.

[End of announcement]


Sit back, relax and solve puzzles in this cute atmospheric game that is Evergrow.

Objective: Guide the Paper Rabbit to fill all tiles with grass while avoiding obstacles and using special tiles.

This release includes the first chapter with 10 unique levels.

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Questions about Evergrow? You can email us at games@unlibox.com


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What a lovely little game!



While looking for some Easter themed games, we came along this. Had to give it a try. Some of those levels so simple - yet so hard...

I did another let's play! This time it's for some levels in Chapter 2 (so not from the demo)

I noticed something though, that the arrows don't show up to go into a pipe when you are next to the pipe. Was that intended? I could click on the pipe and it would go through just fine, but I thought it was weird that there was no arrow indication that could tell me otherwise.

Hey Your game is pretty kickass,

I'm working on a video project called time capsules focusing on game indie devs. It's similar to sending a message to your self in 50 years;

Only five questions for my documentary:

1. What feature in your game can the player not experience anywhere else?

2. What's the biggest personal obstacle you had to overcome in creating your game so far? (it could be super technical or anything else that you want to talk about)

3. Who helped you decide to become a game dev?

4. What feature of the game do you absolutely love that no one would probably ever find?

5. What do you believe video games mean to humanity?

First couple of episodes




if you have some game footage or even better developmental footage of errors or other stuff you'd like to show people who have never programmed a day in their life.

also best ways to contact you, and all social media you use because I'll be displaying those through out the episode.

I think if people dig the game and dig your story they might reach out for questions or colabs you really never know what can come of it.

do you think you'd be interested in being my guest?

Quick question: I understand that the remaining chapters will be released on steam, but will it also be available on itch? Thanks for creating such a wonderful puzzle game! It is amazing to play and truly challenges my mind on the methods for solving it! I hope i can play even more levels and chapters soon!

Hi! We're looking to release just on Steam first and then releasing on other platforms (Including here!) down the line.

Awesome! I cant wait to play it more :3

is the tenth chapter the last or there's dlc?

Right now this is only chapter 1. There will be 5 chapters in total for the final game :)

I love this game, the stype is so good and I love how you use the games learning curve to teach natrually. This is really fun to play

Thanks Jazz3601! We're releasing the full version on Steam within a few weeks!

Hey Jazz! Evergrow is now available on Steam for $5! Here's our store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/594210/

We'd really appreciate it if you give our game an honest review on our Steam Page :)

Thank you!

Hello! I wonder - which engine you're using?

it is unity you can tell by the games icon

Great! :) I checked only video's for that moment. I see you're using a mouse there - have you got some plans for full controller support at the release version?

Hello Pinkerator! Right now we haven't considered full controller support since the controls are a bit straightforward. :)

How to contact you by email about Evergrow?

send us an email to games@unlibox.com ! :)

Super cute game. I used to play tons of puzzle flash games back in the day (and I never got any better at it... :D ). This game reminds me of those games. It's awesome. It looks and sounds really great. I love the low-poly graphics style and the music is relaxing. :D


Thanks for playing Evergrow Chapter 1! :D We plan on releasing the complete game within the month so stay tuned! :)


I really liked this demo! I hope that there are more options when the full game is released, like resolutions. I would also like to see a zoom function to see all the small details. I really like the music, but I hope there will be more of a variety in the full version. I also like the variety of difficulty! Not too hard, not too easy. Everything just fits so well together in my opinion.


thanks nanaki! We'll definitely have more music for the official release! :D

(1 edit) (+2)

I liked this game quite a bit through the music and the art style as well as the gameplay I feel like some more explanation could be done for the mechanics or changes in level difficulty but it's still early access and I feel like this game has great potential. Check the video out for things I feel about the game as I play

thanks for playing rulerrobin! with regards to the level difficulty, we wanted to sandwich difficult levels in between relatively easy levels :)

Ahh I understand thanks for clearing that one up

I love the dynamic difficulty between levels and I'm definitely going to buy the full version if it´s going to be available on itch.io

Any chance of a Linux version?

Hello Jellyfish! What are the usual distros that cater to games in Linux? Admittedly we're not that experienced in developing for Linux but we'll check it out!

I'd say if it worked on Ubuntu you'd be fine.

Steam requests support for Ubuntu 12.04 although a lot of developers tend to aim for Ubuntu 14.04 these days since 12.04 is a little old and there are some big differences between the two (though mostly for 64-bit but that's what most people use on Linux these days).

+1 For Linux. You might want to look at AppImage. Using that you won't have to worry about Linux distributions as much.


It's challenging, fun and going to be a great game this 2017.

Here's my gameplay:

P.S. I was kind of like a complete idiot in this video.

Thanks for playing! :D sorry about the settings issue we've fixed that and we'll be updating the demo version by tomorrow!

(1 edit) (+1)

Evergrow reminded me a lot of Slayaway camp. In this one you can place your character (bunny) on any free tile. Ones you click an arrow your bunny hops on that direction untill he/she reaches an wall. Goal of the game is to make every tile green by hoping on it. Sounds easy? Well.. it can be a little challenging too. Here is my gameplay footage if you want to see it yourself:


Thanks for playing and finishing Chapter 1! We're glad you enjoyed it so far. Please support us on Greenlight too! :D


Gameplay Video:

Thanks for trying out our game! :D The settings button is currently disabled it wasn't supposed to be accessible for the demo sorry about that!

This does look nice but the far perspective is not so great for actually playing and the waiting is slow too. Very pretty though!

Thanks! We'll see if we can do something on the waiting time :) We've adjusted the size of the levels already though :P

nice, really like this game..... challenging

Thanks man! :D Keep in touch for the release of the entire game!




Really liked the game! I love that it is pretty hard! The game took me about 20 minutes to complete, although i got stuck multiple times!

Thanks ValihrAnt! Yes some levels are a bit hard. We enjoyed your video! :D

Please support us on Steam Greenlight! :D

I love your video, man. The accent is so awesome!

Difficulty curve is all over the place, but it's a fun way to spend 20 minutes

Haha thanks Mollyarty -- what puzzles did you feel too easy? :D We'll adjust it accordingly based from the feedback

It's not so much that they were too easy or too hard, I think if you just reordered the levels it would flow better. Don't know the level numbers though, sorry

Hmm I see. We wanted to have relaxing levels in-between hard ones but I guess a progressive difficulty curve could work too. We'll work something out when we release :D

Oooh, yeah that actually makes a lot of sense. You could always do what candy crush did and let players know that the level is a harder

Hey Mollyarty! Evergrow is now available on Steam for $5! Here's our store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/594210/

We'd really appreciate it if you give our game an honest review on our Steam Page :)

Thank you!


Really awesome game! There are so many awesome puzzle games popping up lately, I really enjoyed this one and can't wait for the full release :D

Thanks NZBEASTNODE! Glad you had fun :D


Lots of fun! Very relaxing. I feel the difficulty curve is a little off though. I also feel the music is sort of repetitive. Hope you get through Greenlight!

Hey Skylar! Thanks for checking out Evergrow. We have a different background music per chapter but I get your point that it might be too repetitive over 10 levels especially if your stuck in a puzzle. We'll look into adding more once we're greenlit! :) With regards to the difficulty, what about it was a bit off? did it suddenly become too hard?


Played through the demo and voted on Greenlight. I think Evergrow is cute and approachable. :)